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He is not fond of sports, and I am not either. Hon tycker  Are you fond of golf? Gillar du golf? He can rot in hell.

Fond in a sentence

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7. Many people are fond of French cheeses. Definition of Fond. having a liking for.

Shawna isn't very fond of seafood, so she didn't want any sushi. This had been quite genuine, for the Professor had been fond of his relative, who had always been very good to him.

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I am fond of mushrooms. 6. I am fond of classic music.

Fond in a sentence

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How do you use À FOND in a sentence? What are synonyms for À FOND? Sentence with the word fund.

Fond in a sentence

The British people in general are extremely fond of their pets. İngiliz halkı genel olarak evcil hayvanlarına son derece  This is a reference page for fond verb forms in present, past and participle tenses. Find conjugation of fond.
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Fond in a sentence

I am fonder of you than any other man I know, but it is the fondness of long friendship. One young lady declared that she was fonder of music than anything in the world.

CK1251747Both my father and my brother are fondof gambling. CM1258386I am fondof cars. How To Use Fond In A Sentence?
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Vi är arga på dig. *note that adjectives in the sentence need to agree with the subject pronoun. The last two  should read the sentences aloud over and over again Learn each sentence by heart. Alter the persons and the fond of dancing and of enjoying myself, and I  Une sentence arbitrale internationale publi6e par 6sten.


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0 0 1. Examples of Fund in a sentence I needed to fund my checking account with enough money to cover the three checks I wrote today. 🔊 Many people fund their children with an allowance so that they can learn to budget and pay for their own bills. 🔊 use "fond" in a sentence I'm really fond of a Masai proverb that says: "Take care of our Earth. Not all of the experiences aboard the Princess of Acadia were fond, however.